IRIT is invited to Start in Lab’ Santé

Health, autonomy, well-being: these are all possible fields of application for computer science research! Several IRIT teams are presenting, during a series of two webinars organized by Digital 113 (Digital is future), several presentations related to health informatics.

Learn about health research

These webinars take place on November 26 and 30. The objective is to introduce different health research topics to an audience of entrepreneurs from Occitania. These topics are related to artificial intelligence, robotics, statistics, biology, patient pathways and surgery. IRIT is represented on several presentations on the automatic evaluation of intelligibility for patients with voice impairment and on personalized communication aids for people with disabilities (multi-handicapped, neuromotor). The last presentation will deal with the integration of an IRIT team in the Toulouse Cancer Research Center (CRCT).

L’informatique appliquée à la santé

Thirteen IRIT teams are working on research related to health, autonomy and well-being. Research in computer science applicable to the health field encompasses a wide range of possibilities. They intervene in different ways. It can be based on human individuals, through imaging of the living, or on virtual individuals, through modeling and simulation of the living. Research can also call upon knowledge engineering, based on the global knowledge of health professionals. The volume of data to be manipulated can be considerable and requires systems capable of storing, processing and analyzing it. There is also the issue of data and information security. This implies adapting the security of access. Moreover, the health sector requires access to information quickly, efficiently and at any time.

Improving patients’ lives

Informatics opens the door to a range of new possibilities. The exploitation of data can be applied to fundamental knowledge in biology and health, to prevention and improvement of the quality of life and to assistance to professionals working in the field of health and autonomy. This also concerns assistive technologies for individuals suffering from sensory, motor or cognitive deficiencies as well as work on communicating and intelligent environments (home, city) that improve the quality of life of patients. These technologies are based on significant advances in the field of sensors and data analysis, but also in the field of interaction (tangible, multimodal, multi-support).

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