ECONECT: communicating sensors for monitoring ecosystems and biodiversity

Technologies from the Internet of Things open up new possibilities for remote monitoring of the integrity of ecosystems and the species that inhabit them.

THE ECONECT project, which brings together 6 research laboratories (Functional Ecology and Environment, SETE, CRCA, IRIT, LAAS, GEODE) and 3 companies (BeeGuard, Select Design, Adict Solutions), aims to develop sentinel systems based on the response of bio-indicator organisms (aquatic plants, honeybees and chickadees) to chemical contamination, habitat degradation and global warming.

The T2RS and SEPIA teams of the Architecture, Systems, Networks Department are working on the design of a multi-technology IoT communication center for the collection of measurements transmitted by in-situ sensors, their routing to the Cloud and the placement of computations at the network edge.

The project is supported by the Zones Ateliers Pygar and labeled by the neOCampus operation.