Head : Mathias PAULIN

The STORM research group at IRIT, develops its activities in the field of Computer Graphics. From geometric modeling to realistic rendering, STORM aims at developing computationally efficient models and tools for digital content creation and edition.

The member of the STORM research groups are recognized expert in the following field of computer graphics :

    • Colors and perception
    • Expressive rendering
    • Physically based rendering
    • Real time rendering
    • Implicit surfaces modeling
    • 3D Mesh processing
    • 3D Point cloud processing
    • 3D Shapes analysis
    • Skeleton-based computer animation

Research Activities

Content creation for computer graphics remains a complex problem while requirements and expectations from a constantly increasing number of users are getting more and more prominent.

On the one hand, the representation and computation of data require to combine 3D objects, animation parameters, and lighting parameters. Hence the computation of a picture leads to mathematical modeling, data structure and algorithmic complexity problems.

On the other hand, creating, acquiring, editing, and exploiting such data relies on efficient user interactions with these objects and requires versatile creation and edition metaphors hiding the mathematical complexity of the 3D content.

This ambivalent vision of content creation for computer graphics is at the heart of our scientific objectives : the definition of domain-centered content creation frameworks for animated computer graphics.

By relying on our joint geometry/appearance approach, we address bottlenecks in geometric aspect of skeletal animation guided by visual objectives, efficient sampling and reconstruction strategies for stochastic algorithms, user editing method for picture generation as well as multi-scale feature guided geometric reconstruction from acquired 3D data.

Collaborations and research valorization

Based on our research directions and on our expertise in 3D computer graphics, we collaborate with academic partners and industrial groups to build knowledge, models and tools towards the following applications :

    • Geometric modeling for real-time web 3D applications
    • 3D data acquisition, segmentation and classification for reverse engineering in CAD.
    • Numerical integration method for spectral radiative transfer simulation.
    • Color edition and transformation for visual content creation.
    • Interactive models and tools for computer animation.


graphic computing
geometric modeling
rendering, animation and simulation
acquisition, reconstruction and processing of 3D geometry
acquisition, reconstruction and treatment of appearance
Deep Learning in multimodal data masses

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AcronymeTitreResp. scDébut – fin
FOLD-Dyn anr Fonctions multi-couches dynamiques pour l’animation de personnages Loïc BARTHE
2016 – 2020
CaLiTrOp anr Analyse des opérateurs de transport lumineux pour l’image de synthèse Mathias PAULIN
2017 – 2022
MCG-RAD anr Calcul par Monte-Carlo des forçages radiatifs à l’échelle globale Mathias PAULIN
2018 – 2022
[Contract completed]
autre Modèles et Maillages Implicites Loïc BARTHE
2012 – 2015
[Contract completed]
Représentations stylisées en cartographie David VANDERHAEGHE
2012 – 2016
[Contract completed]
autre Approche multi-physique et parallèle de l’électromagnétisme pour les radio-communications et l’espace Mathias PAULIN
2011 – 2014
AcronymeTitreResp. scDébut – fin
[Contract completed]
autre Solar Facilites for the European Research Area Mathias PAULIN
2009 – 2013
AcronymeTitreResp. scDébut – fin
SID3DCO Simplification d’objets 3D sous contraintes Mathias PAULIN
2019 – 2021
[Contract completed]
Constrained Palette – Space Exploration Loïc BARTHE
2017 – 2019
[Contract completed]
Acquisition de l’apparence de la peau humaine pour la synthèse d’images et la réalité augmentée : une approche robuste, précise et peu coûteuse Mathias PAULIN
2010 – 2012
Friday 22 November 2019, 10h30
Proximity-Aware Multiple Meshes Decimation using Quadric Error Metric
Anahid GHAZANFARPOUR – Team REVA, Team STORM, IRIT UT3 Paul Sabatier, IRIT, Auditorium J. Herbrand
Monday 25 June 2018, 14h00
Modèles de muscles implicites pour déformation de peau interactive
Valentin ROUSSELLET – Team STORM – IRIT UT3 Paul Sabatier, IRIT, Auditorium J. Herbrand
Friday 7 June 2019, 12h30 – 13h30
3D multimodal interaction with virtual environments
Maud MARCHAL – Maître de conférences INSA, IRISA Rennes UT3 Paul Sabatier, IRIT, Salle des Thèses
Friday 17 May 2019, 12h30 – 13h30
Geometry processing on Voxel Objects
David COEURJOLLY – Directeur de Recherche CNRS, Laboratoire LIRIS – Lyon UT3 Paul Sabatier, IRIT, Salle des Thèses
Friday 9 November 2018, 12h30 – 14h00
CGAL — The Computational Geometry Algorithm Library
Sébastien LORIOT – GeometryFactory UT3 Paul Sabatier, IRIT, Salle des Thèses
Monday 7 November 2016, 13h30 – 15h00
Position-based Skin Deformations for Interactive Character Animation
Nadine ABU RUMMAN – doctoral Researcher at Friedrich-Alexander University (Allemagne) IRIT, Salle 175