Common structures

Laboratoires communs organismes de recherche publics – PME / ETI (LabCom) : l’objet de ce programme ANR est d’inciter les acteurs de la recherche académique à créer des partenariats structurés à travers la co-construction de « Laboratoires Communs » entre une PME ou une ETI et un laboratoire d’organisme de recherche.

Foreign Language Learning assisted by Artificial Intelligence – ALAIA (Apprentissage des Langues Assisté par Intelligence Artificielle)

ALAIA is a joint laboratory between IRIT and Archean Technologies. Funded by the ANR, the French Research Agency, for 3 years, this LabCom started in March 2019. ALAIA is based on the synergy between the SAMoVA team and Archean Labs, R&D department of Archean Technologies.

The core of ALAIA is to put computer technologies and artificial intelligence methods at the service of foreign language learning. The originality of the project consists in focusing on oral expression and in particular on the quality of pronunciation of a target language while taking into account the inherent difficulties due to the learners’ mother tongue. Our main objectives are to: 

  • rely on the partners’ expertise in order to develop and deploy innovative software in the field of foreign language learning;
  • adopt a highly interdisciplinary approach based on the fields of didactics and linguistics, computer research and techniques for interaction with learners;
  • integrate the methods from these three domains in the development of software building blocks.

ALAIA Website

The ALAIA ANR project submission


The objective of the ALICIA-Vision ANR joint laboratory is to formalize a joint research activity between IRIT’s REVA team and the post-production company Mikros Image, located in Paris.

This activity aims at :

  • to innovate in the field of artificial vision, using geometrical and photometric approaches, for the extraction of precise knowledge on the cameras, the scene and the materials of which it is made up, and the light sources ;
  • to create a transversal link between theoretical and algorithmic approaches for the creation of visual effects by “classical” artificial vision, as currently developed by REVA and Mikros Image, and the approaches to these problems by “intelligent” artificial vision, i.e. according to the paradigms of AI machine learning, in particular those of deep learning.

ALICIA-Vision website

The ALICIA-Vision ANR project submission