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Research papers: 

  1. Maël Madon, Jean-Marc Pierson. Integrating Pre-Cooling of Data Center operated with Renewable Energies. IEEE International Conference on Green Computing and Communications (GreenCom 2020), Nov 2020, Rhodes Island, Greece. ⟨hal-02970488

Scientific Presentations of Datazero results (in national venues):

The project was presented in the following venues as invited talks:

  1. March 2021 : Georges Da Costa. DataZero(2), la gestion d'un datacenter utilisant 100% d'énergie renouvelable et déconnecté de la grille électrique. IMFT, Toulouse
  2. April 2021 : Jean-Marc Nicod. ROADEF 2021 - Round Table participation and Presentation on Datazero2 and Sizing. Online event. 140 participants.
  3. August 2021 : Robin Roche. General Meeting IEEE PES (3000 participants).

The project is also presented in Industrial and General Public venues: 

A number of students made their internships in the DATAZERO Project: 

  1. Internship report: Thomas Verrecchia (internship Bachelor in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science, Marseille University, IRIT). Title: "Cooling optimisation of data centers powered by renewable energy", June/July and November 2020. 
  2. Internship report: Damien Landré (internship Master M1 in Applied Mathematics, Besançon, FEMTO-ST). Title: "Analyse d’un solveur d’optimisation dédié à l’alimentation énergétique 100% renouvelable d’un data-center", March-July 2020. 
  3. Internship report: Damien Landré (internship Master M2 in Applied Mathematics, Besançon, FEMTO-ST). Title: "Étude de l’incertitude météorologique et Algorithmes déterministes du profil de puissance", November 2020 - August 2021

PhD Dissertations made in the context of DATAZERO Project: 

Movies of the Project: 

Official communication of DATAZERO in the Media and Social Media: #DATAZERO #DATAZERO2, on Twitter and on LinkedIn

  1.  May 2021 : Jean-Marc Nicod. Interview sur Radio Campus Bezac. début à [43’12]
  2. July 2021: Jérôme Lecuivre. Interview dans Global Security Mag
  3. July 2021: Jérôme Lecuvire. Interview dans ITRNews
  4. Octobre 2021 : Jean-Marc Pierson, Jérôme Lecuivre. Interview pour le magazine Sans Transition
  5. October 2021 : Jean-Marc Pierson. Interview dans ErtNews (en grec)

 Conférence de press - Press News:

  1. Paris, 22nd October 2020 : IT & zero carbon : How datacenters can contribute to the Green Deal (english) (french)