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Since some years energy efficiency in datacenters is improving but the amount of electricity needed for operating those for hosting Cloud services is growing with the sizes of the infrastructure and the user demands. With renewable energies and the usage of direct current in datacenters, we believe that we can cope with this problem. On the one hand several efforts have been conducted at the computing level in datacenters (for service placement and scheduling) and, on the other hand, for energy provisioning partly with renewable energies, but without much interaction between these two efforts. DATAZERO will give consistent solutions for high availability of IT (Information Technologies) services, avoiding unnecessary redundancies, under the constraints of intermittent nature of electrical and services flows. We noticed that, despite a true interest towards pragmatic and market-based solutions, comprehensive studies are missing to cope with the robustness of a cloud infrastructure in the conditions of datacenters powered by renewable energy. The question we address in DATAZERO is:

How to manage the electricity and the service flows in order to deliver services to customers in a robust and efficient manner within datacenters operated with several energy sources?


News : Workshop organized by the consortium on renewable energy-powered datacenters : http://events.femto-st.fr/workshop-datacenters-2019/en 

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