Workshop 2: Schedule

All the videos of the lectures are available here!

You can download the PDF booklet that will be distributed at the workshop.

Monday 9th
8:45   Coffee
9:00   Presentation of the workshop
9:15 Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi Nonparametric learning, scale invariance, and sketching techniques for online algorithms
10:00 Fionn Murtagh The Baire Metric and Ultrametric for Linear Computational Time Hierarchical Clustering: Applications and Implementations
10:45   Coffee Break
11:00 Nicolas Grislain Optimizing ad-auction reserve prices when the outcome is measured on an aggregate basis
11:30 Moez Draïef Placing Dynamic Content in Local Caches
12:00 Richard Combes Combinatorial bandits revisited
12:30   Lunch
14:00 Emilie Kaufmann On Bayesian index policies for sequential resource allocation
14:30 Gilles Stoltz Robust sequential learning with applications to the forecasting of electricity consumption and of exchange rates
15:00 Vianney Perchet Highly-Smooth Zero-th Order Online Optimization
15:30 Alessandro Lazaric The Hidden World of Bandits
16:00   Coffee Break
16:15 Benjamin Piwowarski Contextual Distributed Models for Sequences
16:45 Odalric-Ambrym Maillard Subsampling, Concentration and Multi-armed bandits
17:15   end
Tuesday 10th
9:15 Sébastien Bubeck Convex bandit, part I
10:15   Coffee Break
10:30 Ronen Eldan Convex bandit, part II
11:30 Joseph Lehec Sampling convex bodies with Projected Monte Carlo
12:00   Lunch
14:00 Jean-Bernard Lasserre The moment-LP and moment-SOS approach in polynomial optimization
15:00 Yann Ollivier Two problems in stochastic gradient descent: choosing the right learning rate and dealing with temporal dependencies (non-iid)
16:00 Eric SanJuan Constraint-based Reputation Modelling on microblogs
16:30   Coffee