Laurent Lefevre, INRIA, Universite de Lyon, France
Pourquoi chasser les watts dans les systemes distribues a grande echelle ? Les approches GREEN-* !
Why hunting watts in large scale distributed systems ? The GREEN-* approaches !

With the emergence of large scale distributed systems (Grids, Clouds and data centers), the amount of energy (watts) required for high performance distributed computing and networking becomes a real challenge. Taking into account of an efficient energy usage will have an impact on how we design architectures, services and protocols. Various GREEN-* approaches ("Green Computing", "Green networking", "Green programming"...) are currently proposed by academics and industrial consortiums. This talk will review current challenges and solutions associated to energy efficiency approaches in distributed systems.


Laurent Lefèvre is a permanent researcher in computer science at INRIA (the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control). He is a member of the INRIA RESO team (High performance networks, Protocols, and services) from the LIP laboratory in Lyon, France. He has organized several conferences in high performance networking and computing and he is a member of several program committees. He has co-authored more than 50 papers published in refereed journals and conference proceedings. He is a member of IEEE and takes part in several research projects. His research interests include: grid and distributed computing and networking, autonomic networking, Green Computing and networking, high performance networks protocols and services. Laurent Lefevre is leading the INRIA ARC GREEN-NET project on power aware frameworks for large scale distributed systems and he is a member of managment ocmmittee of the European COST Action “"Energy efficiency in large scale distributed systems" (IC0804 – 2009-2012).