I am currently a lecturer at University Toulouse III, and member of the TRACES research team at IRIT. My teaching focus is on computer architectures, parallel programming, real-time systems and compilation. My research interests concern time-predictability of computer systems, with a focus on parallel hardware targets (ranging from simple processor pipelines to multicore processors and GPUs).


  • Fine-grain static analysis of interference in multicore architectures
  • WCET analysis for GPU targets
  • High-performance timing-predictable processors




  • ANR JCJC MeSCAliNe (2022-2026)(As Project leader): Joint analysis scheduling and code generation for autonomous vehicles software
  • C-Pasta (2020-2021)(As project leader): IRT Saint-Exupery springboard in collaboration with IRT Saint-Exupery and ONERA. Use of measurement-based methods for the construction of an architectural model for static WCET analysis.
  • AVATAr (2020-2023)(As project leader): Labex CIMI project. Developping models and methods for the real-time analysis of Neural-Network applications accelerated on GPUs.


  • ARCS – PC member (Since 2020)
  • Conférence francophone d’informatique en Parallélisme, Architecture et Système (Compas) (Since 2022)
  • CAPITAL workshop (Since 2022)
  • EMSOFT WiP (Since 2022)
  • Local organization comitee for HiPEAC 2023
  • Session chair at WCET workshop 2022


I teach in the following courses:

  • Real-time systems implementation (M2)
  • Processor implementation in VHDL (M2)
  • Parallel architectures and OpenMP programming (L3)
  • CUDA programming (M1)
  • Compilation (M1)
  • Computer architectures (L2)

Thesis direction/co-direction

I directed or co-directed the following PhD theses:

  • Rémi Meunier: Worst-case execution time estimation for applications running on multi-cores (co-directed with Thierry Monteil)
  • Iryna De Albuquerque Silva: Certified programming environment for machine learning applications (co-directed with Claire Pagetti and Adrien Gauffriau)
  • Michael Adalbert: Timing analysis of neural network applications running on GPUs (co-directed with Christine Rochange)
  • Alban Gruin:  Building efficient, deterministic and composable RISC-V cores (co-directed with Pascal Sainrat)


Thomas Carle
IRIT – UPS / 118 route de Narbonne / 31062 Toulouse cedex 9 / France
Phone: (+33) 561 55 77 09
thomas (dot) carle (at) irit (dot) fr