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Séminaires, journées, Conférences, workshop

AMBIENT 2014, The Fourth International Conference on Ambient Computing, Applications, Services and Technologies, August 24 - 28, 2014 - Rome, Italy


Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems, GRENOBLE (FRANCE) JULY 7-11, 2014


AIfES’14 (ISAmI’14 Special Session), Special Session on Ambient Intelligence for Elderly Support, A 5th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence collocated workshop, 4th - 6th June, 2014 – Salamanca, Spain


FIRST INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON AGENT-BASED MODELING AND SIMULATION OF CITIES (AGENTCITIES14). In conjunction with the 5th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks, and Technologies ANT2014 (Hasselt, Belgium), June 2-5, 2014


Opération neOCampus, Vendredi 14 février 2014 de 14 à 17h à l’IRIT


Seminaire par Luigi Alfredo GRIECO le 11 Juin 2013 a 11h00 en salle Europe

Résumé :

The number of devices involved in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications is expected to steadily grow till 2020. At that time, the number of smart objects able to talk to each other should be around 50 billions, realizing the envisioned revolution called “The Internet of Things” (IoT), in which one of the main goals is proclaimed to be “to connect everything and everyone, everywhere to everything and everyone else”. Nevertheless, it is imperative to cope with many issues before claiming this transition as fully developed. This is especially true in industrial applications, requiring deterministic services, energy efficiency communications, and high fault tolerance. In this context, the recent efforts of IEEE and IETF organizations let emerge a novel protocol stack which is expected to fulfill the main communication requirements of IoT systems. It is based on IPv6 to allow a seamless integration with the Internet and it includes the IEEE 802.15.4e standard at the MAC layer, the IETF 6LoWPAN adaptation protocol, the IETF Routing Protocol for Low Power Lossy Networks (RPL), and the IETF Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP).

The seminar will : (i) provide a brief summary on the aforementioned protocols ; (ii) explore their target scenarios and related research issues ; (iii) focus on the challenges arising from the adoption of the Time Slotted Channel Hopping (included in the IEEE 802.15.4e MAC) in a multi-hop wireless network built using the RPL routing protocol.


UBIMOB, les 9èmes journées francophones Mobilité et Ubiquité seront organisées au LORIA à Nancy, du 5 au 7 juin 2013.


The International Workshop on Agent Technology for Ambient Intelligence - AgTAmI 2013, Bucharest, Romania, 29-31 May 2013


Rencontres autour de l’axe Systèmes SocioTechniques Ambiants Jeudi 6 septembre 2012


Conférence e-mobilite du 24 juin 2010 : impacts juridiques et risques encourus lors d’utilisation Smartphones dans cadre professionnel


Journée systèmes ambiants du 27 mai 2010


Journée systèmes ambiants du 20 novembre 2009

  • Slides de la Table ronde "Applications" (PPT)


Journée systèmes ambiants du 17 septembre 2009

  • Introduction (J.-M. Bruel - PDF)
  • Les systèmes socio-techniques ambiants (M.-P. Gleizes - PDF)
  • Technologies de la surveillance à domicile des personnes âgées ou handicapées (E. Campo - PDF)
  • L’intelligence ambiante comme un processus d’auto-organisation sans fin (E. Georgé - PDF)
  • Tolérance aux fautes, systèmes mobiles (Matthieu Roy - PDF)
  • Les systèmes d’information dans les systèmes ambiants (M.-F. Canut - PDF)
  • Systèmes cyber-physique ambiants (M. Diaz)
  • Kalimucho (P. Roose - PDF)
  • Réseau de capteurs sans fils (D. Dragomirescu)
  • NEPTUNE II (T. Millan - PDF)
  • Intelligence ambiante et robots interactifs (R. Alami - PDF)
  • L’apport des objets visuels pour les systèmes ambiants (J.-P. Jessel)
  • Quand des sociologues rencontrent des informaticiens (P. Roggero - PDF)
  • Conclusion (J.-M. Dilhac - PDF)