[storm][storm-seminar] Seminar 28/02 – Point Cloud Parametrization – Thibault Lejemble

For the next STORM seminar, Thibault Lejemble will give a presentation titled : Point Cloud Parametrization

A standard pipeline of 3D scanning techniques consists of first acquiring a dense point cloud from a set of images or using a dedicated device like Lidar sensors. Then, a mesh is reconstructed from it and several mesh processing methods are applied in order to clean it. Finally, this mesh is used for plenty of tasks : visualization, simulation, edition, recognition…
Mesh parametrization is one of the main tools to deal with a 3D mesh since it is widely used for re-meshing, texture mapping or many shape analyse methods. The idea presented in this seminar is to find a global 2D parametrization directly from the point cloud.
In this presentation, I will present our approach to flatten a point cloud on a sphere or on a plane using an iterative projection algorithm based on the Point Set Surfaces framework.

This seminar will take place on Friday 28/02 at 12:30pm in room Salle des Thèses at IRIT.