[storm][storm-seminar] Seminar 12/06 – Amélie Fondevilla – Generating stylized animation

For the next STORM webinar, Amélie Fondevilla will give a presentation titled : Generating stylized animation

Animation movies are great media of artistic expression, allowing artists to convey powerful narrations, while not being limited to the existing range of shapes and motions. Unfortunately, they are significantly more time consuming and thus expensive than their live-action counterparts. While emergent softwares and computer-based techniques help reducing the production time of animation movies, they still cannot capture all the range of possible artistic intents, and thus limit the quality and variety of styles in animation.
In this talk, we tackle the issue of how to design tools that help the artist achieve quality similar to hand-made production in a more effective manner.
We will particularly focus our discussion on the case of stroke-based painted animation. First, I will introduce some notion of style analysis in static and dynamic pictorial art, in order to build a representation for stylized animation. Then, I will present some existing computer-based methods to generate or improve stylized animation.

This seminar will take place on Friday 12/06 at 14pm on Tixeo.