Seminar 28/10 – Jules Vidal – An introduction to Topological Data Analysis

For the next storm seminar, Jules Vidal will give a short lecture on his PhD Thesis theme titled: An introduction to Topological Data Analysis

Abstract: Topological Data Analysis (TDA) is a recent scientific field (around 25 years) at the crossroad between computational topology and data analysis. It forms a collection of techniques that enable the generic, robust and efficient extraction of features of interest in data. As such, the use of TDA has grown quite popular in the data visualization and data analysis communities, since it enables to address one of their main challenge: tackling ever-growing data in size and complexity.
We will present an introduction to the core concepts of the TDA of scalar data, notably the notion of persistent homology, and the construction of topological abstractions
such as persistence diagrams, merge trees or Reeb graphs. We will show examples of application in the context of scientific visualization.

This seminar will take place on Friday 28/10 at 12:45pm in room Salle des thèses at IRIT.