Seminar 13/09 – Light paths interpolation with Gaussian Processes – Hugo Rens

For the next STORM seminar, Hugo Rens will give a presentation on his current research work : Light paths interpolation with Gaussian Processes.

In light simulation, some light phenomenons (especially caustics) yield groups
of paths that are closely related. An intuitive relation is the geometric one,
keeping the example of the aforementionned caustics, where paths follow roughly
the same trajectory but slightly vary. I will present my work at INRIA Grenoble
where the objective was to implement inside a renderer some way to store and
interpolate paths then reconstruct an image, in order to try multiple path
space distances that embody the possible relations we could think of.

This seminar will take place on Friday 13/09 at 12:30pm in room Salle 001 at IRIT.