Seminar 06/01 – Gauthier Bouyjou – PAUSE Project

For the next storm seminar, Gauthier Bouyjou will give a presentation titled: PAUSE Project

Abstract: I will present you the PAUSE project which has been in development for almost one year now. Last time I showed you how we could visualize in real time ultrasound slices in a 3D space. This Friday I will show you how we can create a simulation environment to visualize in real time ultrasound scans from pre-recorded medical data such as MRI, all with an augmented reality headset to enhance the user experience. In the future, this platform will allow partner doctors to visualize and localize tumors via a 3D reconstructed representation.

This seminar will take place on Friday 06/01 at 12:45pm in room Salle des thèses at IRIT.