Seminar 02/07 – Yaniss Nyffenegger-Pere – An Accelerated Line-Sampling Monte-Carlo Algorithm.

For the next STORM seminar, Yaniss Nyffenegger-Pere will give a presentation titled : An Accelerated Line-Sampling Monte-Carlo Algorithm


Estimations of radiative quantities in the Earth atmosphere need to describe as accurately as possible the absorption phenomenon wich is strongly dependant on spatial and frequential dimension. We address this question in a Monte-Carlo context, where discretes probabilities are used to deal with this absorption, the difficulty being the research of a set of probabilities. We propose here a method based on trees and data clustering to approach this problem.

This seminar will take place on Friday 02/07 at 12:30pm in room Salle des Thèses at IRIT.
(The seminar will also be broadcast on zoom, ask for the zoom link if you want to attend.)