Seminar 13/04 – Toward versatile rendering in the Radium Engine

For the STORM seminar on Friday, April 13, Mathias Paulin will give a presentation titled Toward versatile rendering in the Radium Engine.

Abstract The Radium Engine was first developed for animation purpose, then geometry processing. Its now time to allow also advanced rendering functionalities in the Radium Engine. For now, each of us develop their shaders and renderers, following the monolithic design of the rendering layer in Radium.…

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Seminar 30/03 – Implicit Skinning : What to do next ?

For the weekly seminar of the STORM research group, Loïc Barthe will give a presentation titled Implicit Skinning : What to do next ?.

Abstract After a quick review of the implicit skinning technique, a discussion will follow on the current limitations and possible venues for new research. One direction is the study of a dynamic field function representation.…

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Seminar 23/03 – Introduction to topology

For the STORM seminar on Friday, March 23, Valentin Roussellet will present an Introduction to topology.

Abstract This quick introduction lecture to topology will help you answer the following questions : What is the difference between a doughnut and a mug ? What do we mean when we talk about manifolds ? …

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Seminar 16/03 – StarAnim ANR project

This weekly STORM seminar is dedicated to the  “StarAnim ANR project” submission that will be presented by David Vanderhaeghe.

Abstract The StarAnim project addresses the stylization of 3D animation. Stylized images are ubiquitous in visual communications, for animation films, commercials and scientific illustration for example. The expected contributions are the definition of an automatic approach taking into account the user modifications and the specificities of a media simulator, the example based control of the automatic approach and the automatic creation of intermediate images for the creation of animation.…

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Seminar 09/03 – Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics: Basics and Implementation

For the weekly seminar of the STORM research group, Alban Odot will give a presentation on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics: Basics and Implementation.

Abstract Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) is introduced as a complementary tool for numerical simulation of peculiar hydrodynamic problems. SPH is a Lagrangian method that can be used to model fluid flow by treating each particle as a discrete element of fluid.…

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Seminar 02/02 – Multiple Object Mesh Simplification with Proximity Preserving Quadric Error Metric

For the STORM seminar of Friday, February 2, Anahid Ghazanfarpour will present her current research works on Multiple Object Mesh Simplification with Proximity Preserving Quadric Error Metric.

Abstract : Quadric Error Metric (QEM) is a local simplification method that produces satisfying results for a single object. However, in case several objects with proximities to each other are to be simplified, QEM is no longer enough since these proximities are not considered during the simplification process and might get altered.…

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