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Our research group is part of the IRIT Laboratory  (UMR CNRS 5505).

We conduct research on computer graphics, including geometric modeling,  3D animation and rendering.



Full research report.

Latest news

Seminar 22/09 – Cage Generation for Animation Purposes

Sara Casti will present her current research on Cage Generation for Animation Purposes. Abstract The seminar is about cages and cage-based animation. A cage is a type of handle which is used to speed up the animation pipeline, simplifying animators’ workload. We are going to talk about cage properties and related issues. In particular we focus […]

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Seminar 15/09 – Line Based Rendering of Point Clouds

Arezou Fatemi is going to present her current work on Line Based Rendering of Point Clouds. Abstract Given a point cloud, a smooth surface is estimated using “Algebraic Point Set Surface” framework. The output is later used in “Implicit Brushes” technique to extract features and produce a line-based drawing of the object with different stylizations based […]

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Siggraph report is on 3DVF

Siggraph report by Nicolas Mellado is presented on 3DVF website: http://www.3dvf.com/actualite-21044-siggraph-2017-compte-rendu-chercheur-nicolas-mellado.html

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