PMDE-logo 2nd Workshop on Process-based approaches for Model-Driven Engineering (PMDE 2012)

@ ECMFA 2012 conference, July 2-5, 2012, Technical University, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
PMDE Goals
Building complex and trustworthy software systems in the shortest time-to-market remains the challenging objective that competitive companies are facing constantly. A more challenging objective for these companies is to be able to formalize their development processes in order to analyze them, to simulate and execute them, and to reason about their possible improvement. In the last decade, the Model-DrivenEngineering approach has proven its effectiveness for the specification and realization of large and complex systems. However its use in the field of process modeling and execution is still not fully exploited.The PMDE Workshop aims to gather researchers and industrial practitioners working in the field of Model-Based Engineering, and more particularly on the use of processes to improve software reliability and productivity.
PMDE Topics

The PMDE workshop invites papers presenting research results or work-in-progress in all areas of process-based approaches for model-driven engineering, including:

- Modeling software and systems processes for model-driven engineering
- Domain-Specific Languages (DSL) for modeling software and systems processes
- Transformation-based process modeling: structural and behavioral aspects
- MDE Process patterns: modeling and application
- MDE Process patterns for reuse: definition, search methods, application of patterns
- Process models refactoring and composition
- Process lines and MDE
- Verification of process models
- MDE process enactment and simulation
- MDE Process resource management
- Process metrics for model-driven engineering
- Management of distributed MDE processes
- MDE process evolution: static evolution, process models refactoring, dynamic process evolution, process deviations management
- Process-centered MDE tools
- Description of case studies based on MDE processes, experimentations on real projects, empirical studies

Please click here to download the PMDE 2012 Call For Papers in PDF format.


2012 - IRIT Institute, Toulouse, France