PCC 2018 Contributed Talks

Lars Kristiansen. On b-adic representation of computable irrational numbers.
Amirhossein Akbar Tabatabai. Proof Mining in Bounded Arithmetic
David Cerna. Proof Schema and the Refutational Complexity of their Cut Structure
Michael Arndt. Tomographs for Substructural Display Logic (talk cancelled)
Iosif Petrakis. The formalization of Bishop's theory of sets and functions revisited
Josef Berger and Gregor Svindland. Convexity and continuity
David Natingga. Towards Embedding Theorem: Aut(Dαe) embeds into Aut(TOTαe)
Tatsuji Kawai. On the existence of general bar recursors
Hannes Diener and Robert Lubarsky. Notions of Cauchyness and Metastability
Takako Nemoto. Bounded comprehension and the monotone convergence theorem