PCC 2016 Talks

extra page for the invited speakers of PCC

Lars Kristiansen. On Subrecursive Representability of Irrational Numbers
Alessio Guglielmi. Report on a 3-Year Project on Efficient and Natural Proof Systems
Andrea Aler Tubella and Alessio Guglielmi. Generalising Cut-Elimination through Subatomic Proof Systems
Ernst Zimmermann. Local confluence in Natural Deduction
Lorenz Berger. Modelling the human lung
Sam Sanders. The unreasonable effectiveness of Nonstandard Analysis
Rene Gazzari. Pure Proofs
Thomas Piecha. Atomic Systems in Proof-Theoretic Semantics
Thomas Powell. The computational content of Zorn's lemma
Alessio Santamaria. Substitution in Deep Inference via Atomic Flows
Birgit Elbl. Decomposing a labelled sequent calculus for the logic of subset spaces
Anton Setzer. Schemata for Proofs by Coinduction
Peter Schuster, Davide Rinaldi and Daniel Wessel. Eliminating Disjunctions by Disjunction Elimination
Dieter Spreen. Bitopological spaces and the continuity problem
David Sherratt. Atomic Lambda Calculus and its connections with Sharing Graphs
Benjamin Ralph. Decomposing First-Order Proofs using Deep Inference
Mizuhito Ogawa. Decidability by two semi-algorithms
Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg. A Type Theory for Comprehensive Parametric Polymorphism
Masahiko Sato. Proof theory of the lambda calculus