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Open Position

PhD Student Position in Elastic Resource Allocation for Query Optimization

IRIT Lab. ( - Pyramid Team - Paul Sabatier University - Toulouse - France Supervisor’s Names : Abdelkader Hameurlain ( and Shaoyi Yin (

Pyramid Team (Dynamic Query Optimization in Large-scale Distributed Environments ; is likely to get a PhD scholarship for 3 years (Doctoral School MITT,


Scientific Context

In parallel and distributed large-scale environments (Cluster, Grid, Cloud), the Pyramid team addresses the main problems of query processing and optimization, targeting large volumes of data distributed in large scale. To manage a huge amount of data there are two approaches : parallel database systems and cloud systems (e.g. Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, HDFS). The parallel database systems have been an important success, both in research in the early 90s and now in industry. They have enabled many applications handling large data volumes to meet their requirements in terms of performance (e.g. Response Time) and resource availability. It is recognized that parallel database systems are very expensive and require having high level skills within the company to administer the systems and databases. As for cloud systems, they allow a company to reduce these costs in term of infrastructure either by purchasing a server comprised of low-cost commodity machines or by renting a service in pay-per-use. Public Clouds provide on demand resources and services with advantages of scalability and elasticity. However, elasticity paradigm raises a new challenge regarding the design of efficient and profitable resource allocation models.


PhD Subject : Elastic Resource Allocation for Query Optimization

The objective is to design and develop an elastic resource allocation model for query optimization. In fact, the allocated resources (on the provider side) should increase or decrease in accordance with the demand of services (on the tenants side), in order to maintain a QoS and to meet the SLAs (Service Level Agreement). The main criteria of QoS taken into account are the performance (e.g. query response time) and the availability of services (e.g. data availability). As for the SLA, a kind of provider-consumer contract, it specifies a set of constraints to meet and objectives to reach, in terms of performance or service availability. The main challenge is to find the best trade-off between the tenants’ satisfaction in terms of QoS and the providers’ gain in terms of profitable resource management.


Requirements :

Distributed and Parallel Systems, Database Systems, Query Processing and Optimization, Cost Models, Cloud Systems, Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Programming Languages (C, C++, Java, Python, ...).

The application should include following documents (PDF format, see :

1- CV mentioning all your degrees


2- Motivation letter from the applicant explaining his/her choice of the proposed thesis subject


3- Recommendation letters


4- Details of your grades since you started higher education with ranking.

Applications in digital form (pdf) should be sent to :


Application Deadline : February 8th, 2016


Start Date : September 1st, 2016.


Remuneration : the PhD Scholarship is approximatively 1684 Euros (Gross).

Once the candidate is selected by Pyramid team, he/she will be auditioned by a committee.