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Collaborations and Research Contracts

International Collaboration

Data Management in Grid Systems Project (january 2010 – december 2011).

Amadeus ‘Actions intégrées’ Program, French - Austria.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Partners : IRIT Laboratory, PSU (Scientific Manager : Prof ; A. Hameurlain), IFS Laboratory (Scientific Manager : Prof. A.-M. Tjoa).

Project Description : The project focuses on 3 detailed research topics : (i) Resource discovery and allocation, (ii) Distributed Query Processing including 3 aspects : query optimization, monitoring services and cost models. and (iii)Security Aspects centered on : Authentification, Authorization, and Auditing.


National Collaborations

PAIRSE Project (november 2009- october 2013).

ARPEGE Program.

Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR).

Project Partners : LIRIS Laboratory, INSA of Lyon (Project Coordinator and Scientific Manager : C. Ghedira), SEMSOFT Company (Scientific Manager : F. Paulus), SWID Company (Scientific Manager : S. Morucci), TELECOM Institute (Scientific Manager : B. Defude), IRIT Laboratory, PSU (Scientific Manager : F. Morvan), MTIC Laboratory (Scientific Manager : J. Fayn).

Project Description : The aim of the project is to design and develop a data sharing platform in a web services based peer-to-peer environment by considering data confidentiality.


Geo-Urgence project (october 2006 - february 2009).

ULISS Program : Utilisation comme Levier d’Innovation des Signaux Satellites (Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry).

Project Partners:SILOGIC Company (Scientific Manager : T. Deltheil), NOVACOM Company (Scientific Manager : J. Newton), CHU Toulouse, SAMU 31 (Scientific Manager : J L. Ducassé)., IRIT Laboratory, PSU (Scientific Manager : A. Hameurlain).

Project Description : This project was to provide a prototype to the medical regulator which enables optimizing the supervision of mobile hospital units UMH (e.g. ambulances, helicopters) in real time with the ability to simulate the intervention scenario. The principal objective was to obtain and analyze the different geo-located multi-source data in real-time. The project GEO Urgence was labeled by the Competitiveness Cluster Midi-Pyrenees & Aquitaine, Aeronautics, Space and Embedded Systems in the domain of strategic activities « Navigation, positioning and telecommunications ».