2nd International Workshop on

Model-Driven Engineering for High Performance and CLoud computing (MDHPCL)


This half-day workshop aims to bring into discussion the potential contributions of model-driven techniques in the development of High-Performance and Cloud Computing.

In High Performance Computing, more and more voices are heard claiming for a need to raise the level of abstraction in order to decouple the application development from the underlying hardware architecture. The MDE community has some experience in raising abstraction and could thus propose some solutions interesting to the HPC community.

In a similar spirit, cloud computing is often seen as a way to abstract from complex details of system and their management by offering a simple, responsive views accessible to non-specialists. Again, model-driven techniques may be adapted to this domain.

The objective of the MDHPCL workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the use of model-driven techniques in high-performance and cloud computing and to explore both the frontiers and challenges of architecting and constructing such systems by using MDE.

Workshop organized as satellite event of the conference MODELS 2013,

Miami, Florida, USA, September 29, 2013