Since year 2007 LoTREC is subject of developpement by Bilal Said (1), during his PhD. thesis. A new version is available since April 2008. And LoTREC still a work on progress...

LoTREC has been developped at IRIT from 1999 on by David Fauthoux (2).
In the year 2003 it was developed by Mohammad Sahade (3). And an old-new version had been issued in november 2004.


Bilal Saïd


Luis Fariñas del Cerro, Olivier Gasquet, Andreas Herzig, Dominique Longin, Bilal Said, François Schwarzentruber, Tiago Santos de Lima, Nicolas Troquard, Ivan Varzinczak.

Former participants:

Laszlo Aszalos, Laure Bourgois, Mohammad Sahade, David Fauthoux, Fabio Massacci, Thomas Polacsek, Seksun
Suwanmanee, Hugues-Olivier Yar.

(1) That's me! I'm still working on my PhD. What I know about me is that: "I started my thesis as a logician with a background in software developpement, but I'm finishing as a software engineer with a background in mathematics and logics"
(2) After working on LoTREC in 1999, David Fauthoux achieved his PhD. in Oriented-Aspect programming and he is starting now a small IT buisiness: Pesonnalité Numérique, in Toulouse
(3) After finishing his PhD. in 2005, Mohammad Sahade is working now in Agile, a Plateforme & Software Developpement company in Tripoli - Lebanon