SCONE kick off meeting

Admin_irit/ September 26, 2019/ UT1C, Workshop

The SCONE kick off meeting will take place on November 12th at UT1C. See the project page for more information and the program.

This project starts from the observation that collective decision methods, as traditionally studied in the field of (computational) social choice, do not take into account the existence of a network relating the decision-makers. The objective of this project is the conception of algorithms for opinion diffusion and vote computation in the presence of a social network, and its assessment in terms of computational and communication complexity, axiomatic properties, including game-theoretic ones such as resistance to strategic actions by voters or external agents. To successfully attain this goal, the project budget includes a PhD scholarship, an 18-month contract for a research engineer, and financial support for the research of the principal investigator and his team.

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