Participants who want to submit their systems need to follow the steps below:

  1. Send an email to with the team info (email and affiliation of each team member)
  2. Organizers will send you the training data by May 31th
  3. Participants are allowed to submit up to 3 runs
  4. Organizers will send you the test data by email by July 15th
  5. Participants send their runs by email by 20th July.
  6. Once the results are declared (25th July), participants will be required to provide an abstract and a technical report including a brief description of their approach and experiments for the publication in the FIRE Proceedings. Technical papers should be of a maximum of 4 pages (excluding references) following CEUR Proceedings.

Submission Runs

Each team can submit 3 runs.

Submission Format

The results file contains one tab-separated line per field formatted as follows:

TweetID TAB Prediction.

Prediction can be either 1 (for ironic) or 0 (non ironic)

For example:

12      0

13      1

14      1