Call for papers

Taking place for the first time in Toulouse, GET conference is devoted to the use of GIS in education.
The objective of this conference is to make an inventory of tools and methods to acquire, represent, analyze and integrate digital geographic data or more generally geo-media and multimedia in education. It is also about considering research dedicated to spatial thinking, extraction, analyzes, and understanding of the geographic and temporal data links or phenomena.
We also expect to bring together teachers, researchers and business entities implicated in this area.
Communications will present original research of lessons learned and ongoing research projects. Papers will focus on one or more of the following topics (non-exhaustive list):

  • Review of the literature in the field of education with geomatics, from secondary school to university,
  • Integration of GIS in education sciences, social sciences, geography, environment, etc.
  • Learning and geomatics (issues from the perspective of learning: what do we learn? how do we learn...?)
  • Use of geomatics or multimedia in a knowledge creation and / or innovation process
  • Issues in the use of data and geomatics and geo-media methods
  • Geospatial massive data (GPS tracks, smart cards, from mobile devices or social media) for education
  • Using geo-media or multimedia in education, methodologies and teaching approaches
  • Geomatics platforms presentation for teaching and learning
  • Location-based games and mixed reality game for education
  • Adaptive learning based on geodata and multimedia

Proposals for papers are accepted for short and long formats. They will be selected by the Scientific Committee.
The submission Web page for GET17 is on EasyChair.