Launch of the InnEO’Space_Phd Startech

/ February 1, 2021

The Startech organised as part of InnEO’Space_PhD will take place from 12 to 16 April 2021 at UT2 in Toulouse. Students intending to pursue a career in academic or industrial research (Master 2, PhD students) or young researchers from companies or universities can apply. Successful candidates will take part in interactive courses relating to the development stages of an innovative project. They will be guided in the development of their project through multidsciplinary sessions in English which will allow fruitful exchanges between students, teachers and professionals.

If you are a PhD student in Toulouse, this Startech course is eligible for ECTs credits.
More information at ici 

Please contact for more information.
If you are interested but do not fit into the above mentioned framework, please contact

In July 2021, InnEO’Space_PhD will organise a summer school in Romania. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to deepen their technical knowledge and transversal skills in order to improve their employability with future recruiters. The target audience is the same as before. More information on the course and registration details will be posted online very soon.