While the importance of requirements formalization has often been highlighted, the way to support this activity in industrial context has not been sufficiently addressed in current research. Since a major determinant of the quality of software systems is the quality of their requirements, these must be both understandable and precise. Natural language, the most commonly used for writing requirements, helps understandability, but lacks precision. To achieve precision, researchers have for many years advocated the use of formal approaches to writing requirements. Many requirements methods and notations are available as a result of these efforts and they vary considerably in their style, scope and applicability. Despite of this, industrial application is still limited. This workshop aims at raising fundamental questions, including how remote the current state of the technology is from potential widespread industrial usage of formal methods. The objective is also to focus on existing methods that do have industrial application and identify the reason of their success.

FormReq will bring together industrial practitioners as well as researchers to discuss the good practices, the remaining challenges, of using formal approaches to express and manage requirements.

One keynote will illustrate one of these challenges.

Please note that all times are Notre Dame, South Bend local time.

The selected papers present

8h-8h15: Opening and Wellcome

8h15-9h30: Keynote by Panagiotis Katsaros from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki:

Formalisation and analysis of natural language system requirements

Slides available here

10:00-11:45 papers presentation session

      • A Natural Language Processing Technique for Formalization of Systems Requirement Specifications by Viktoria Koscinski, Celeste Gambardella, Estey Gerstner, Mark Zappavigna, Jennifer Cassetti, Mehdi Mirakhorli, from Rochester Institute of Technology and Air Force Research Laboratory
          • Slides Available here
      • Security requirements classification into groups using NLP Transformers by Vasily Varenov, Aydar Gabdrahmanov from Innopolis University
          • Video of the presentation here
      • Security Requirements as Code: Example from VeriDevOps Project by Alexandr Naumchev, Andrey Sadovykh, Khaled Ismaeel, Dragos Truscan, Eduard Paul Enoiu, Cristina Seceleanu from Schaffhausen Institute of Technology, Innopolis University, Åbo Akademi Universityand Mälardalen University
          • Video of the presentation here
      • Survey and Consistency Checking of Formal Requirements Animations by Christophe Ponsard and Jean-Christophe Deprez from CETIC
          • Video of the presentation here

11:45-12:00: Wrap-up and closure

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