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AUTODIAG Laboratory



  • Director : J. Thomas, ACTIA,
  • Scientific Directors :
    • J.L. Soubie, IRIT,
    • L. Trave-Massuyes, LAAS-CNRS.

Research Topics

Autodiag is a common laboratory gathering two research labs : LAAS and IRIT, and ACTIA Automotive. The research themes concerns different aspects of diagnosis in the automobile domain :

  • Multimodels diagnosis : master the system heterogeneousness, reasoning at different levels of knowledge and abstraction,
  • Distributed diagnosis : build a global diagnosis from local specialists of diagnosis and possible communications,
  • Multi sensorial diagnosis : merging of data coming from different sensors in order to produce a model of good functioning,
  • Feedback diagnosis : semantic analysis of documentary resources and incident sheets,
  • Off-board diagnosis : production of optimal tests given to the mechanic during a diagnosis session
  • Preventive diagnosis in on board context : supervision of the evolution of parameters and espionage of network messages,
  • Diagnosticability : instrumentation definition, setting of temporary sensors,
  • Co-operation of diagnosis methods : integrating model based diagnosis, case based diagnosis and multi sensorial diagnosis ; putting in synergy the existing on board diagnosis system and off board diagnosis procedures,
  • Ergonomy : Proposition of methodological guides for the design of systems of diagnosis support and interfaces based on work analysis of mechanics using existing tools.

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