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AIRSYS co-operation

Architecture et IngénieRie des SYStèmes


  • ONERA.

Steering Committee

  • AIRBUS : A. Lafon
  • IRIT : M. Sibilla
  • LAAS : F. Vernadat
  • ONERA : C. Barrouil

Management Committee

  • AIRBUS : B. Rontani, Ph. Menard, A. Lafon
  • IRIT : L. Farinas, M. Sibilla
  • LAAS : R. Chatila, F. Vernadat
  • ONERA : D. Maugars, C. Barrouil

Research Topics

Systems are key contributors to overall aircraft performance and the efficiency of airline operations. Ambitious targets to be achieved for future aircraft need innovative system solutions.

The AIRSYS research programme will contribute to the emergence of such solutions, with specific focus on the following areas :

  • Avionics platform and information management
    Research is underway to improve platform architecture and components (network, computers), ensure security of data exchanges with only a minor impact on operations, optimize the use of interconnected and distributed resources, provide resource virtualization and advanced reconfiguration services
  • Flight control system
    Ways to improve the flight control system are being investigated through a multi-objective design approach, flight safety enhancement (including automation of emergency reactions, "undisturbable" aircraft concept), and powerful techniques for the verification and validation of the flight control system.
  • System engineering, modelling and simulation
    The objectives are to improve system design and validation by generalizing a model-driven approach, offering increased modular simulation capability in the context of the extended enterprise, enhancing the software verification and validation strategy.
  • Maintenance and diagnostic
    Research is being carried out to provide a full modelling of the maintenance system based on a system of systems approach, improve diagnostic techniques and enhance the efficiency of maintenance operations through an improved dispatch assessment process.

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