The Conference will take place on September 2nd-3rd, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

It is hosted by Social Simulation 2014,

the 10th Conference of the European Social Simulation Association

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

September 1-5th, 2014


Session 1 (Tuesday morning) Chairman: Jean-Daniel Kant

Does collaboration pay? An investigation for the domain of distributed investment decisions [pdf]

Stephan Leitner, Alexander Brauneis and Alexandra Rausch.

Why do firms exist? [pdf]

Vipin Veetil.

The "Win-Continue, Lose-Reverse" rule in Cournot oligopolies: robustness of collusive outcomes [pdf]

Segismundo Izquierdo and Luis R. Izquierdo.

Organizational Change for its Own Sake? Results of an Agent-Based Simulation [pdf]

Friederike Wall.

Session 2 (Tuesday afternoon)  Chairman: Frédéric Amblard

Building artificial economies: from aggregate data to experimental microstructure. A methodological survey. [pdf]

Gianfranco Giulioni, Paola D'Orazio, Edgardo Bucciarelli and Marcello Silvestri.

Trade-in programs in the context of technological innovation with herding [pdf]

Paolo Pellizzari, Elena Sartori and Marco Tolotti.

Technology substitution and policy design in an ABM model: the case of REACH [pdf]

Maider Saint Jean, Eric Brouillat and Nabila Arfaoui.

Evaluating scenarios for upgrading sustainability of the meat supply chain [pdf]

Eva van den Broek and Tim Verwaart.

Session 3 (Tuesday afternoon)  Chairman: Cesareo Hernandez

An Agent Based Propagation Model of Bank Failures [pdf]

Andre Dias, Pedro Campos and Paulo Garrido.

Direct vs. side effects in financial contagion: what weights more? [pdf]

Stefano Zedda.

Saudis and Expats an Agent-Based model of the Saudi Arabian Labor Market [pdf]

Davoud Taghawi-Nejad.

Forbidding fixed duration contracts. Unfolding the opposing effects with a multiagent model of the French labour market [pdf]

Olivier Goudet, Jean-Daniel Kant and Gérard Ballot.

Session 4 (Wednesday morning)          Chairman: Friederike Wall

Shadow economy and wealth distribution [pdf]

Nuno Magessi and Luis Antunes.

Distribution Effects of Extortion Racket Systems [pdf]

Klaus G. Troitzsch.

A cobweb model with interlinked markets in both supply and demand [pdf]

Emma Jonson, Liv Lundberg and Kristian Lindgren.

Detecting key variables in system dynamics modelling by using social networks metrics [pdf]

Jose Barranquero, Manuel Chica, Oscar Cordon and Sergio Damas. D

Session 5 (Wednesday afternoon)        Chairman: Luis R. Izquierdo

Best practices in programming agent-based models in economics and finance [pdf]

Aurélien Vermeir and Hugues Bersini.

Spontaneous Segregation of Agents across Double Auction Markets [pdf]

Aleksandra Aloric, Peter Sollich and Peter McBurney.

The J-Curve and Transaction Taxes: Insights from an Artificial Stock Market [pdf]

Lina Kalimullina and Rainer Schöbel.

What is the impact of heterogeneous knowledge about fundamentals on market liquidity and efficiency: an ABM approach [pdf]

Vivien Lespagnol and Juliette Rouchier.