Artificial Economics

Artificial Economics 2014 is the 10th edition of a Conference Series started in 2005. Previous meetings took place in Lille (2005), Aalborg (2006), Palermo (2007), Innsbruck (2008), Valladolid (2009), Treviso (2010), The Hague (2011), Castellón (2012) and Klagenfurt (2013).

Aims and Scopes

The main aim of the Symposium is to facilitate the meeting of people working on different topics in different fields (mainly Economics, Finance and Computer Science) in order to encourage a structured multi-disciplinary approach to social sciences. Presentations and keynote sessions center around multi-agent modelling, from the viewpoint of both applications and computer-based tools. The event is also open to methodological surveys.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Agent-Based microfoundations of macroeconomic activity
  • Simulators for macroeconomic policy
  • Discrete Choice Models in Economics and Management Sciences
  • Emergence and Dynamics of Norms and Conventions
  • Financial Market models
  • Agent-Based Methodological Issues
  • Dynamics of Social and Economic Networks
  • Complexity and Market Dynamics
  • The interaction between  Experimental and Computational Economics
  • Organizations and Management Science

Event Format

The event will last two days in order to favour formal and informal occasions for sharing ideas. With this aim, the final schedule of the Symposium will devote considerable time to discussion. The Programme will offer presentations of papers reviewed and selected by the Programme Committee as well as special sessions by invited keynote speaker.

Event Site

The event will be hosted by Social Simulation 2014, the 10th Conference of the European Social Simulation Association at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
September 1-5th, 2014.