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Atelier de Développement de Logiciels à Fonctionnalité Emergente

Toolkit to develop software with emergent functionality


Welcome to this "download" page (the url for the main page of ADELFE's web site is, documents available are the following:

You can consult the bibliography and obtain a certain number of articles by visiting the SMAC team pages for ADELFE "Projects section".


We are eager to know who is interested in ADELFE and uses it. So, if you download some tool, please let us know who you are and why you want to consult/use it by sending us a mail at


If you have any problem with these pages, please e-mail to


How to install the interactive tool

Uncompress the zipped file and you'll obtain:

To execute the ADELFE toolkit you need the Java Runtime Environment (jre 1.4.1_02).

After launching the toolkit, using the .bat file, the personal parameters of the user are memorized into the file under the config directory under the install directory.

After running it, the toolkit generates an history file adelfe.log.


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How to install OpenTool/UML-1.4 for ADELFE

Just click on the OptlAdelfe_1_2_00_liv.exe file and follow the instructions (sorry, they are in French but we think you'll understand them).

By default, the executable file for OpenTool is placed under C:\Tni\Adelfe\bin.w32\opentool.exe but you can change this path and install the tool elsewhere.

A shortcut is also added in the Start Menu folder, as well as an uninstall option.

If you choose to install OpenTool in the default directory, the previous ADELFE toolkit is already configured to find and execute it when needed.

If you install OpenTool under another directory, you must make the link by yourself, change the directory via Edit-Parameter.

Then by clicking on the button, you'll launch this tool.

This software is an trial version. If you create more than 50 objects (class, diagram, ...), a message will be printed before each action.

If you want to obtain a license, please contact TNI-Valiosys.
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