15th AAECC Symposium

Applied Algebra, Algebraic Algorithms,
and Error Correcting Codes

Toulouse (France)  -  May 12-16 ,  2003

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AAECC 15th Symposium will be held at centre des congrés Pierre Baudis, the week just after Fq7 conference, organised by AAECC/IRIT. Both conferences are in sequel, and registration to both ones will save money.



Local arrangements

Dr. Alain Poli
Université Paul Sabatier
31602 Toulouse cédex  -  France
e.m.: poli@cict.fr
            Secretary of AAECC-15 symposium : Mrs Geneviève Cluzel
            Web master for AAECC-15 : Mrs Marie-Claude Gennero

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