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Visual Objects : from Reality To EXpression
Head : Hervé Luga


The VORTEX team (Visual Objects from Reality To EXpression) is composed of 6 Professors, 15 Associate Professors and 1 Research Engineer (Staff).

It is organized in four thematic groups whose overall research topic is the acquisition, the treatment, the behavior and the visualization of 3D visual objects. Each group addresses this general topic within its own transversal research areas.

  • The AGGA group (Appearance of the Geometry and Geometry of the Appearance) develops its researches in 3D geometric modeling, 3D rendering and their interface.
  • The ALIFE group (Artificial Life and bio-inspired systems) rather develops its activity in the fields of bio-inspired optimization techniques applied to shapes, behaviors and creatures generation, and simulation in 3D environments.
  • The EVVE group (Enriched Vivid Virtual Environments) lies in animation, virtual reality and networked virtual environments.
  • The VI group (Visual Inference) relies on images, video and 3D models analysis according to solving inverse problems in computer vision and studying visual or interactive multimedia applications.

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