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Topic 7 - Reliable Software Development

The research topics tackle the reliable software development. They span along the entire development process and cover the formalisms, methods and tools used for the specification, the design and validation of software intensive systems.

The research carried out considers both theoretical and practical issues and addresses the strong and specific constraints of safety critical systems and in particular their certification. This means integrating to the development extra-functional features coming from user needs or from the requirements of the system to develop, as well as from the software and hardware components to deploy. Our results have been successfully applied to various fields such as embedded and ubiquitous systems.

Our theme looks into the type and category theory and into extending existing proof tools to assist modeling. Our work aims also at defining a unifying framework for a model based development. This topic covers model based process specification, model transformation and viewpoint oriented development. At system engineering level, we use formal methods to validate specifications, we define execution models and verify some of their properties. System engineering offers an application field for the various approaches proposed for the design, validation and verification of critical software.

We are participating in the joint laboratory AIRSYS (Airbus, IRIT and LAAS). We are also involved in the elaboration of work packages for the Technology Research Institute (IRT) Saint Exupéry in Toulouse.

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