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Topic 6 - Architecture, Systems and Networks

Head : Daniel Hagimont


The traditional fields of computer science such as computer architecture, their implementation in embedded and realtime systems, their use through networks, remain at the heart of many research topics.

  • Computer architecture research relates to the internal structure of the processor, which one cannot dissociate from back-end compilation, the preferred application being embedded systems. Also a strong expertise exists on multiprocessors.
  • Real time applications generate a set of traditional problems relating to the applications life cycle, to which are added time constraints, mobility, storage capacities, and fast information access.
  • Research on network engineering consists in performance evaluation, modelling, simulation and scalability applied to embedded systems, mobile or satellite communications and new generation internet.
  • Networks and extended systems pose, in their management and administration, specific problems of definition and evaluation of new services and protocols. They need integration of dynamic management functions of configuration, fault performance and security.

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