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Topic 5 - Modelization, Algorithms and High Performance Computing

Head : Jean-Marc ALLIOT


The need for high performance computing arises in situations where a whole class of problems turns out to be difficult or even impossible to solve with traditional algorithms. The reason usually is the large size of the problems, as well as their poor numerical conditioning. The difficulties encountered range from mathematical to numerical analysis, including numerical implementation.

They require a deep understanding not only of the model but also of the computational methods and their implementation. Our research activity is focussed on linear algebra and optimization. More precisely, we are interested in :

  • numerical linear algebra and grid computing,
  • distributed computing between distant sites,
  • parallel asynchronous algorithms,
  • optimal control of systems governed by ordinary differential equations,
  • deterministic finite dimensional optimization.

The activity of the theme is illustrated by our involvment in several national (ACI GRID, INRIA) or international (NSF-INRIA, France-Berkeley) projects, and by the development of various numerical software systems (MUMPS, MfMax).

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