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Topic 3 - Interaction, Cooperation, self-Adaptation tRough Experimental Studies (ICARE)

Studies and researchers conducted in Theme 3 are dedicated to the development of interactive systems, their self-adaptation, their adaptations to users and their needs. Man-Machine interaction and Problem Solving processes are full of interests for the researches developed in this area.

Interdisciplinary activities and Experimental studies are specific to works developed in theme 3. Another important concern of the realized systems is the validation of developed systems and the designed models. The validation is generally realized thanks to real case studies including real users.

The scientific bottlenecks can be exposed in three axes:

  • Interaction: Mixed Man-Machine-Interaction; Neurosciences; Methodologies, Process and Models of Design; Users Profiling
  • Cooperation: Cooperative Agents within their behavior; Cooperative Decision Support Systems; Cooperation Protocols; Tools for Social Simulation
  • Adaptation: Self-Adaptation Multi-Agents Systems; Self-Organization Multi-Agents Systems; Adaptation to Users Systems; Adaptative Coordination

One application domain is full of interest for theses researchers is the Ambient Systems. Several studies have been developed in this area

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