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Topic 1 - Information Analysis and Synthesis

Information analysis and synthesis tackle image, sound, signal and text processing, in order to recognise and understand their structure and content, or with the aim of synthesising them from models.

Statistical signal processing includes modelling, detection, classification, clock change theory, stochastic simulation methods, to provide an approach devoted to communication.

Computer vision determines the geometric projection of a scene into the image, either for its reconstruction or to simulate new viewpoints. Image interpretation aims to give sense to image components using contextual knowledge.

Image synthesis includes virtual world modelling, visualisation with physical or perceptual realism. Animation and artificial life manage its evolution, in a directed or emergent way. Virtual reality immerges users in virtual environments for collaborative interaction.

Automatic speech processing studies statistical models including a priori knowledge to recognise automatically speech, language and speaker, or to validate these models and provide a better understanding of spoken communication processes in language learning or in speech synthesis.

Video processing studies flux for automatic segmentation or classification. The adapting of hypermedia contents to broadcast and synthesis of mixed (real or virtual) visual contents are also studied.

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