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Signals and Images

The Signals and Images department carries out researches related to image processing, sound analysis, 3D geometry generally dealing with massive digital data. The aim is to understand their constitution, identify their content, extract their semantic and build an efficient model of these data. From such models, we may synthetize new data, extract the relevant information, or encode and transmit them.

The scientific activities of the department are focused on statistical signal processing, machine learning and computer graphics. Researches mainly rely on advanced skills in statistical inference, simulation, deterministic and stochastic optimization, and algorithmic.

The main applications include, but are not restricted to, satellite and medical imaging, digital communications, sign language interpretation, characterization of audio-visual content, speech, music or other sounds processing, 3D geometry analysis and reconstruction, and realistic or expressive image synthesis.

The methodological tools developed in the department apply to 3 areas :

  • Inverse problems for signal and image processing.
  • Computer graphics
  • Audio and video fusion

These works are developed in the research groups : MINDS, SAMOVA, SC, STORM et TCI.

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