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Analyzing citations in context: challenges and opportunities

Cassidy R. SUGIMOTO - Indiana University Bloomington (Etats-Unis)

Mercredi 26 Avril 2017, 14h00 - 15h30
UT3 Paul Sabatier, IRIT, Salle des Thèses
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Bibliometricians have long relied on metadata from scholarly work to inform our knowledge of how science is produced, interacts with other texts, and is received. The growing availability of full-text data, however, brings a wealth of opportunities for analyzing science in new ways. In this talk, I will explore the state-of the art in terms of analyzing citations in context, providing initial results from our studies on discourse epistemetrics and citation context. I will discuss the limitations and constraints of the data and discuss possible technological and methodological solutions for these issues. I will provoke the audience to imagine the possibilities that lie dormant in the full-text of scientific work--challenging historical taxonomies of citation motivation and knowledge generation.