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L’IRIT étant localisé sur plusieurs sites, ses séminaires sont organisés et ont lieu soit à l’Université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier (UT3), l’Université Toulouse 1 Capitole (UT1), l’INP-ENSEEIHT ou l’Université Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès (UT2J).


Formally modeling and verifying security properties

Sigrid GÜRGENS - Fraunhofer SIT (Allemagne)

Vendredi 29 Septembre 2017, 10h30 - 12h00
UT3 Paul Sabatier, IRIT, Salle des Thèses
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We are surrounded by cooperating embedded systems in our everyday life: Smart homes provide the possibility to remotely control domestic appliances (coffee machines, heating,...), eHealth systems remotely supervise medical equipment, vehicles are connected to the internet in order to provide multimedia services, to update firmware, etc. While these new features may be very useful, they entail new attack vectors: Cars these days for example are stolen with the help of transmitters, not by physically breaking in. Hence methods are needed that allow to ensure that such systems satisfy necessary security requirements. We will introduce an approach to formally model a system and its provided security properties based on the Fraunhofer SIT Security Modeling Framework SeMF. We will then show how to use our approach to formally prove specific security properties.

Short bio : Dr. Sigrid Gürgens received her PhD in Mathematics at the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt in 1992. Since 1988 she is working as a scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology. Her research focuses on formal methods, information security and security mechanisms. She developed various methodologies for the security verification of cryptographic protocols and more generally of security relevant systems. This concerns in particular the Fraunhofer SIT Security Modeling Framework SeMF that involves development of formal system models, specification of security properties and of methods for proving such properties.