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L’IRIT étant localisé sur plusieurs sites, ses séminaires sont organisés et ont lieu soit à l’Université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier (UT3), l’Université Toulouse 1 Capitole (UT1), l’INP-ENSEEIHT ou l’Université Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès (UT2J).


Smart City from the bottom-up — Wollongong's Digital Living Lab

Pascal PÉREZ - Université de Wollongong (Australie)

Vendredi 9 Juin 2017, 15h00 - 16h00
UT3 Paul Sabatier, IRIT, Auditorium J. Herbrand
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In collaboration with the Wollongong City Council, the University of Wollongong (UOW) intends to deploy a free-to-air Internet of Things (IoT) network across the region to support high impact community-orientated projects. These game changing projects will address key social, economic and environmental challenges facing our region. A first cohort of projects will tackle problems related to aged care, flooding, accessibility and emergency services.

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables a cost effective mechanism to collect data from thousands of small digital devices (nodes) that inform real time applications. Current examples include smart home thermostats, smart street lighting or smart street-parking finders. IoT comes in many ways and forms. The LoRaWAN technology offers an open protocol and free-to-air connection to application developers and end-users. UOW is partnering with Meshed and The Things Network to deploy this network in the Illawarra region, allowing for cost effective community-orientated solutions.
The overall approach, coordinated by the SMART Infrastructure Facility, encourages communities, entrepreneurs and innovators to embrace this technology revolution and join the Digital Living Lab. The ultimate goal is for the Illawarra region to become Australia's Digital Living Lab, a place where cost effective and disruptive technology can really change lives.