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Smart Modeling for softw@re Research & Technology
Head : Jean-Michel Bruel


SM@RT is a software engineering team of topic 7 that specializes in software agility and safety for cyber-physical systems.

The team explores new foundations, and develops ground-breaking tools and methods for modeling and software languages (domain-specific languages, requirements and specification languages, programming and modeling languages), with a particular focus on the scientific breakthroughs related to socio-technical coordination (heterogeneity of models and execution platforms, final user in the loop, etc.).

SM@RT is a leading team in model-driven engineering (MDE) and software language engineering (SLE). The team is highly involved in the international scientific community, and has established strong industrial partnerships (through bilateral and collaborative projects). SM@RT seconds most of the scientific contributions with software developments. The team is also highly involved in various open-source communities (e.g., Eclipse), and contributes to different projects.

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