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MACAO team

Models, Architectures, Components, Agility and prOcesses
Head : Jean-Michel Bruel


The research domain of the MACAO (Models, Architectures, Components, Agility and prOcesses) team covers various aspects of software and systems engineering. We are interested in particular in the definition and the uses of models for supporting these engineering activities, or what is commonly designated by model-driven engineering (MDE) and model-based systems engineering (MBSE). One of our strong points identified by the software engineering community is to put the emphasis on the process aspects of MDE and MBSE, for development as well as reuse.

The team contributes to two of IRIT’s strategic axes (ambient and embedded systems) and participates in local initiatives such as the CIMI Labex workgroups and the projects of the IRT Saint-Exupery. We collaborate with several teams (ACADIE, ICS, TRACES, SEPIA) on co-directed PhD theses and common projects.

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