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HPC, Simulation, Optimization

Head : Alfredo Buttari


The CISO department, which gathers the APO and REVA teams, addresses fundamental research in scientific computing, simulation and optimization as well as its use in the solution of (potentially large-scale) problems in science and engineering from academic research and industry. It is concerned with underlying mathematical and computational science research, the development of new techniques and algorithms as well as their efficient implementation on modern computing platforms including large high performance parallel supercomputers.

CISO puts a strong focus on the following fields that span the whole stack from low-level fundamental research on parallel computing, through the development of novel algorithms and visualization techniques up to their use within real life applications :

  • Computational Linear Algebra
  • High Performance Computing
  • Artificial life and virtual environments
  • Numerical optimization and Optimal Control
  • Data Assimilation and Data Analysis
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Geometrical Modeling
  • Computer Vision

The outcome of our research is assessed in real-life applications following two main approaches. On one hand, we have developed dedicated skills in bio-informatics, and computational biology : genomic algorithms, learning in pathology, simulation and visualization of cancerous tumors, immunotherapy, genome modifications. On the other hand, we develop generic solvers and methods than can be applied to a broad range of applications from various disciplines such as structural mechanics, meteorology, geophysics, aircraft design.

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