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Head : Emmanuel Dubois


The ELIPSE research team is active in the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) domain through an interdisciplinary approach. By involving relevant disciplines (e.g., HCI, computer science, assistive technology, usability engineering but also medicine, neurosciences, and psychology), the ELIPSE team combines theories about Humans and their Interactions (i.e. bring together HCI models, design methods and processes with Human perception, action or cognition theories).

The ELIPSE team also designs and evaluates various emerging interactive systems (e.g. assistive technologies, mobile interactive systems, augmented reality, tangible interactions, pervasive computing, brain computer interaction, etc.) The trend of ELIPSE, inside the Cognitive Sciences and Technologies field, is to iteratively use Emerging Technologies in order to improve theories and knowledge about Humans and their Interactions (in this way HCI is successively a research topic and a tool).

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